What's happening on Halloween!
Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Benefiting: Crawford Elementary School
We will be providing individually wrapped snack items to students at Crawford Elementary School, a Title 1 school in Aurora, CO. The majority of students at Crawford Elementary are below the poverty line and 38% of the student population are refugee. Most kids go to after school programs, unfortunately these children cannot afford to bring their own snacks. As we know, kids are super hungry after school! SME will help provide healthy snacks so these children can be their best.
We are asking SME Students bring in individually wrapped snacks to donate on Oct. 31. Classes will "reverse trick or treat" bringing their donations into the cafeteria to be taken to Crawford Elementary School. 
Items We are Collecting:
Individually Wrapped Healthy Snack Items that are Shelf Stable such as...
Granola Bars, Cheese/peanut butter and crackers, fruit bars/healthy fruit snacks, squeeze apple sauce, crackers, popcorn, Handi-snacks, goldfish, chips, trail mix, cliff bars, etc.
***All snacks need to be individually packaged.
Halloween Schedule:
Parties- 1:45-2:45
Parade- 2:45-3:15
Classroom ‘reverse trick or treat' schedule in the cafeteria:
1:55-2:05 K/1st grade
2:05-2:15 2nd/3rd grade
2:15-2:25 4th grade
2:25-2:35 5th grade
2:35-2:45 6th grade
Specials schedule for THIS DAY ONLY.
8:45-9:20: 2nd
9:20-9:55: K
10:00-10:35: 1st
10:35-11:10: 5th
11:10-11:45: 4th
11:45-12:20: 3rd
6th grade will not have specials, as they are coming home from Outdoor Ed.
Students will wear regular clothes to school on the 31st. Students may bring a bag with their costume and students will be given time to put their costumes on right before the party/parade.
  • MAKE-UP will not be allowed.
  • Swords/weapons will not be allowed.
  • Scary costumes will not be allowed.
  • No full face masks, please.
If you have any specific questions, please reach out to your classroom partner or your classroom teacher.