Principal's Message

Hello Cub Families!


Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! Whether you are new to our school or a veteran SME parent, everyone looks forward to the start of the school year. It’s a time of anticipation and excitement and it brings a great deal of positive energy with it. I am confident that this will prove to be an outstanding year for your family. Stone Mountain truly is a magical place, and that is directly due to the fact that we have the most amazing kids, parents, staff, and community members in the district. Shhh.... Don’t tell anyone. :)


Stone Mountain is a five star destination school for all learners. The foundation for Stone Mountain is built on the five stars of success: leadership, learning, service, community and culture.


Stone Mountain liberates the leader in every student. Stone Mountain leaders help themselves and others do the right thing. They set the direction and build an inspiring vision for their future. They have the ability to take charge and influence themselves and others. Leaders model and encourage to improve themselves and the lives of others around them. Students will not only lead others, but own their own learning.


Expert teachers implement best practices in order to provide personalized learning that is meaningful, differentiated, and purposefully assessed that has rigor and relevance and promotes higher level thinking. When students own their learning, they are engaged, challenged and determined. Personalized learning provides differentiated pathways, both academically and socially, for all students.


Students at Stone Mountain will participate in various service learning experiences. These experiences will create positive relationships between students, staff, parents and the community. Connecting with other communities and cultures enables students to create an awareness of global perspectives.


The Stone Mountain community promotes strengthening bonds between students, staff and parents. Our community thrives when people work together. We share a common goal, and by working together we can accomplish more than by working alone.


Building a strong culture is intentional and planned; a positive climate is not created overnight. We grow, cultivate and delicately manicure our culture each and every day. Stone Mountain is a place where students, parents and staff are supported, valued and encouraged to be their best. A common goal for each of us is a safe and respectful environment.

Stone Mountain is part of the Energy Bus for Schools program. What is the Energy Bus, you ask? It is a program that teaches students, staff and parents how to create a positive vision for themselves and others. The Energy Bus teaches seven specific rules for success: (1) You are the Driver; (2) Create a Positive Vision; (3) Drive with Purpose; (4) Fuel Your Ride With Positive Energy; (5) Transform Negativity; (6) Love Your Passengers and (7) Enjoy the Ride. It is my goal to be the most POSITIVE and ENERGETIC school in Douglas County... in Colorado... in the United States... in the World!


Thank you for sharing your children with us. We truly are honored that you trust us to take care of your most prized possessions. Please know that we take our jobs very seriously, and we want the very best for our students. We love each and everyone of our 550 kids and we will do anything in our power to ensure their success.

Proud to be your leader,

Michelle Franci, Principal


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