Students at Stone Mountain will participate in various service learning experiences. These experiences will create positive relationships between students, staff, parents and the community. Connecting with other communities and cultures enables students to create an awareness of global perspectives.

Service learning gives kids an authentic educational experience while teaching empathy. That's about as important as it gets. Through service learning, students get a chance to contribute to their communities and discover that whether they are in elementary school or an adult, they can make a difference.

Some example service projects at Stone Mountain:

  • Learning about Wants and Needs with the Make-a-Wish Foundation in Kindergarten
  • Raking Leaves for the Elderly
  • Sorting Toys for Toys for Tots
  • Making 600 sack lunches for the homeless in Denver
  • Planting vegetables in our garden for the food bank
  • Planting flowers in our school garden and delivering them to our neighborhood homes for May Day
  • Visiting Windcrest Retirement Community to play games

Stone Mountain also participates in Parties with a Purpose. We will be continuing with our tenth year of "parties with a purpose" here at Stone Mountain. These charitable events are held in conjunction with our holiday parties (Halloween, Holiday and Valentines). We will once again try to cut back on the expensive elaborate parties and assign a charity to each one. The classroom party should consist of a snack, game(s) and the charity involvement. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful school and a generous community that supports our students. But, we also want to support teaching our kids about helping others that are less fortunate.