2020-2021 Registration


Express Check In (Starts July 20, 2020)

  •  All families must check-in through the link above using their Infinite Campus Parent Portal login/password. Once logged in, you will be presented with information with each of your students. Please complete the check-in process for each of your students individually.
  • Click HERE to access the link: https://engaged.dcsdk12.org
  • You MUST HAVE AN ACTIVE PARENT PORTAL ACCOUNT tot access Express Check-In. Your Child's Student Portal Cannot be used to complete this process. Some students have two households, please remember that the primary household parent must complete the Express Check In Process.
  • Help with Parent Portal: parenthelp@dcsdk12.org
  • If you would like an older sibling, friend, or relative to be able to pick up your SME student, you MUST identify them as an emergency contact when completing Express Check In.
  • Once you complete Express Check-In for all of your students, parents will pay for required and optional fees in MY SCHOOL BUCKS.
  • If you have previously paid for school lunches or field trips you should already have an account for MY SCHOOL BUCKS, if not follow these instructions to create an account. 

DCSD Express Check-In FAQ

Express Check-In is a Douglas County School District application that allows parents to update household information, sign off on district forms, update health conditions and select school fees. This application helps prevent families from manually entering in a full batch of information for numerous children in the household when checking in prior to the start of the school year.

Who do I contact if I have issues?

Contact your school or the Summer Student Records Helpdesk at (303) 387-0016. For issues and questions regarding student fees, please call Business Services at (303) 387-0001. For issues and problems logging into your Parent Portal account, please visit our Parent Portal Information page.

Where do I go to login?


How do I login?

Parent’s use their Infinite Campus Parent Portal Login credentials to login to Express Check-In.

Do both parents need to login?

Only if the two parents live in two separate households. The parent that is in the household identified as the primary household must complete Express Check-In.

Do parents in both household complete the same forms?

Parent in the secondary household will see only their household information, optional forms uploaded by the school, volunteer forms and fees. The parent in the primary household will see their household information, all district forms, optional forms uploaded by the school, volunteer forms and fees.

How can I be sure that I completed Express Check-In?

Once the parent in the primary household completes the ‘Health Information’ page, only then is the Express Check-In considered done for that student. Prior to completing this page parents can logout and come back to the process at any given time.

What all can I complete via Express Check-In?

There are differing permissions if you have multiple households. This includes updating household information, address or household changes, phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contacts, housing information, sign off on Google Apps, Sign off on Technology, Sign off on Child Nutrition Services Program, Select Media Consent preferences, Update Medicaid Consent Form, provide demographic information, sign off on Code of Conduct Handbook, complete health information, Zpass, transportation fees, etc.

What can I access after I complete Express Check-in?

You can download additional school forms, apply for New/Replacement ZPass card and select fees. Please note fees can be selected only through the due date set on the fee.

If you are a NEW Family to Douglas County,
please review the information below. 

Click here for registration for the 2020-2021 School Year

Between June 1st - July 23rd 2020, new families who have moved into the Stone Mountain boundaries for the 2020-2021 school year may contact Douglas County School District at sdis@dcsdk12.org or call 303-387-0016 to begin the New Student Enrollment process.

If you are a NEW family and have any questions, please email Jamie Lavigne, School Registrar, at jamie.lavigne@dcsdk12.org.