The Importance of Leadership

All K-6 grade students are explicitly taught developmentally appropriate leadership skills for success. Being a leader helps students give back to our school community and in turn helps them take pride in their school.

Our younger students all have class jobs where they are learning the importance of responsibility and dependability. As students transfer to the intermediate grades, students are encouraged to take part in school wide clubs and activities to practice their leadership skills.

Sixth graders are given the opportunity to apply for 6th grade jobs at the start of the year! Some example positions might be: Spirit Team, SME Ambassadors, Office Support Team, Announcement Team, Recycling Team; Health Team, and be Mr. Cubby. Students report to their earned job according to their respective schedules. Students learn the importance of having a strong work ethic, how to deal with conflict, and the dedication needed to have a job.

Student Council is another Leadership Opportunity for our 5th and 6th graders to be a part of. Students apply at the beginning of the year and are selected by SME staff based on their resume and possible speech! Highlights of Student Council including taking care of the students at SME, partnering with TRHS for Grizzly Gives, and helping to plan our Career Fair and SME Gives Back events.