Bus Passenger of the Month

Stone Mountain is committed to recognizing students who meet the criteria of going above and beyond when it comes to being a positive member of our school. To celebrate these students, we have a Bus Passenger of the Month.

The Bus Passenger of the Month Program at Stone Mountain is based on qualities such as character, leadership, and citizenship, not solely on academics. The Bus Passenger of the Month must be a diligent student, complete his/her assignments on time; show a strong effort to learn subjects to the best of their ability; be prepared for class; and have good classroom participation. The Bus Passenger of the Month demonstrates excellent behavior in and out of the classroom and is respectful to both peers and teachers. The Bus Passenger of the Month displays excellent citizenship by working together with classmates with a cooperative attitude and exhibits positive behavior. Lastly, The Bus Passenger of the Month demonstrates exemplar character through his/her compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, optimism, and loyalty by helping to create a positive school environment.

Each month, classroom and specials teachers will choose one boy and one girl that meet the above criteria. The Bus Passenger of the Month will be recognized at our whole school assembly at the end of each month. The Bus Passenger of the Month is a prestigious award!


You’re the Driver: Be willing to learn and grow Comes to school prepared and ready to learn Student perseveres when things are tough Share new ideas with each other Maintain consistency and rigorous expectations at all times Cares for the classroom, hallways, playground and school Be an active participant in class Shows leadership skills in and out of class

Create a Positive Vision: Set and achieve academic and behavior goals

Drive with Purpose: Follows playground rules, class and school rules Follows directions and gives 100% of their best effort in class Uses class time wisely and completes class work in a timely manner Completes homework in a timely manner Actively engaged in their learning Supports the learning of self and others

Fuel your Ride with Positive Energy: Student has good attendance Be an ambassador for our school (at school and in neighborhood) Assume positive intent

Transform Negativity: Uses kind and positive words Respects the school and other's property

LOVE your Passengers: Cares about other people's feelings Helps friends/staff in need Build lasting relationships with students, staff, and community Keeps hands and feet to self Values other students' physical and emotional safety

Enjoy the Ride! Laugh- Keep it fun! Works well with others Listens to others ideas