Energy Bus Student Recognitions

Stone Mountain is committed to recognizing students exemplifying character, strong work habits, positive actions, and kindness. To celebrate our students in the moment and positive reinforce these qualities, we use Positive Office Referrals and Bus Tickets. Students can earn these as recognition from ANY SME STAFF member at ANY TIME.

As an Energy Bus School, this is how we work together to keep all members of the SME Community "On the Bus" and collectivity growing our positivity, resiliency, character, academics, and commitment to excellence. 

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Positive Office Referrals:
Positive Office Referrals are a way for a staff member to highlight a very specific action or a series of actions at school that they feel need to be recognized by Mrs. Franci and Mrs. Kruse in the front office. It is important that students feel the front office is a positive place to be and for those moments of recognition to happen and be celebrated. Positive Office Referrals can be given at any time by any staff member and it follows with a trip to the office to be recognized, an additional signed note from Mrs. Franci or Mrs. Kruse, a #BeKind Energy Bus pin, and a picture taken. There is no limit to how many times a student can receive a Positive Office Referral. 

Energy Bus Principles: 
1. You're the Driver
2. Create a Positive Vision
3. Drive with Purpose
4. Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy
5. Transform Negativity
6. Love Your Passengers
7. EnJOY the Ride

Bus Tickets: 
Bus Tickets are a way to catch students doing the right thing, something to give back to their community, taking care of other students/staff, and overall demonstrating positive behaviors. These are often caught in the moment and are focused on highlighting qualities that reinforce positive behaviors. When students receive a Bus Ticket, they are put into their grade level bucket at the front of the school. Once a month, Bus Tickets will be randomly drawn by grade level (anywhere from 4 to 8) and winners announced during our Energy Bus Assembly. Bus ticket winners will receive multiple small prizes.