Building a strong culture is intentional and planned; a positive climate is not created overnight. We grow, cultivate and delicately manicure our culture each and every day. Stone Mountain is a place where students, parents and staff are supported, valued and encouraged to be their best. A common goal is a safe and respectful environment for all.

At SME, our student council plans and executes events throughout our school, neighborhood and community that promote caring and kindness. We call this initiative... #BeKind. Some events we have participated in are positive sticky notes on every students' desk; making 600 sack lunches for the homeless in Denver, painting #BeKind rocks and placing them around the neighborhood, Honk for Kindness on busy street corners; and the Kindness Chain...

This year, we have adopted the Energy Bus Framework for Schools by Jon Gordon. This framework will help our students, teachers and parents lead a more positive life where we all are encouraged to take risks; transform negativity and be the best version of ourselves.

Culture is the foundation of who we are. The bottom line... we will love your kids and treat them like they are our own!