Behavior Matrix

Despite our best attempts to set students up for success in a positive environment that prevents problem behavior, kids will still occasionally engage in problem behavior - they are kids! When responding to problem behavior at Stone Mountain, we will be guided by the following principles:

  • We will respond to problem behavior only in ways that maintain the safety, well-being and dignity of the child.
  • A primary focus of responses for problem behavior is the instruction of the expected behavior.
  • Our primary goal in responding to problem behavior is to minimize the loss of instructional time for that student and all other students in the setting.
  • We will ensure that the disciplinary action fits the offense.

Primary goals in responding to problem behavior are to identify minor problem behavior early and quickly and calmly redirect the student back to the task at hand. If the student does not respond to initial redirects, pre-planned consequences may be required.


Staff is encouraged to deal with minor problem behavior in the classroom. The response to many behaviors will be a simple redirection and return to instruction (e.g. redirect to task, a calm response to engage in the expected behavior, or recognizing a neighboring peer for the expected behavior). Staff will use a classroom consequence and communicate the behavior and consequence with parent/guardian. The opportunity is used to teach expected vs. unexpected behavior and to have the student learn from their poor choice.


Major behaviors will be handled by administration with an Office Discipline Referral. Such offenses will merit parent communication and will result in disciplinary action depending on the behavior. Disciplinary responses for major offenses will focus on minimizing the loss of instructional time; focus on returning the student to the classroom; and ensure that the disciplinary action fits the offense. Once again instruction of the expected behavior, including student practice, should be a consistent component of all disciplinary responses.

Expected Behavior Matrix

Minor v. Major Behaviors with Consequences

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